Project description

Yoganect is an online community marketplace that makes it easy for mindful travellers & yogis book yoga classes & events in real time. Using our platform will allow yogis access to all things yoga: like-minded peers, book and attend mindful events, classes gobally. Yoga and mindfulness hosts can also use the business pages & event manager function to promote their offers, manage their data and engage with the right audience. yoganect works with more than 300 mindful yoga business partners and has more than 100,000 followers.

Objectives of the project

It has never been easier to find and travel mindfully with like-minded people. Users get personalized offers & knowledge based on their profile & behaviour. We help thousands of eco-friendly and mindful businesses to host, book & invoice their events in real time using our event manager. By connecting hosts with mindful travellers we offer the state-of-art digital plattform where like-minded people stay connected, book & manage their events globally.