Project description

Do you remember the last time you wanted to plan and book a trip? Do you remember how long it took you? Do you remember the frustration of not being able to easily find a destination and book an entirely customized experience? If the answer is yes to one of the latter questions, we’ve got great news for you!

We have designed a multichannel platform, which is quick and intuitive to use. We aim to inspire people to travel, taking their criteria and wishes into account, and presenting them with the best alternative destinations. Once the destination has been selected, the user sees all the flights and hotels at the destination that are, of course, in line with the user’s preferences. Once the flights and hotel have been selected, the user is redirected to the airline’s website and to to make the final purchase. The revenue model is based on commissions as we are official partners, on native advertising and premium features.

We have a fully functional website, a chatbot, an application on iOS and Android. The application is already available in 7 languages (English, French German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian) and the platform can be used anywhere in the world. We have already helped 50,000 travelers to go on the trip of their dreams, and we have over 5000 monthly active users.

We are working on adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide our users with unique experiences, based on their behavior and activities on social networks.

Objectives of the project

For those who love to travel, we would like to help them spend more time enjoying and less time preparing their trip.

We generally have two finite resources at our disposal, time and money. Our dream is to help people save both! We are working very hard on turning this dream into reality by providing travelers with such a seamless experience, that they can not only find more places to travel to that fit into their budget but can do so in just one click. Click and say “bye”! Click. Dream.Travel