Project description

Digital nomads are a new generation of professionals who use smart technologies to work remotely and live in a
nomadic manner. Luxembourg excels in most criteria to become a perfect destination for them: a multi-lingual
cultural melting pot, great digital infrastructure and aspirations to become the leading ICT hub, a vibrant expat
community, a growing startup scene, rich innovation support, stunning nature, high quality of life and a diverse
cultural and touristic offer. True, we cannot compete with Bali for sunny days, but for people willing not to lie on
a beach but to actually work, develop their businesses or careers and make fruitful professional connections
while travelling, Luxembourg could compete with Berlin or Budapest as the digital nomad destination. However,
most tourists only come to Lux either on the way to their final travel destination, strictly on business trips or for
very short tourist trips. This is a lost opportunity as digital nomads are typically valuable mid- to longer stay
tourists, skilled in languages, initiating new business relations, typically being environmentally conscious as
travellers as well. The Digital Nomad Hub will promote Luxembourg as the digital nomad tourist destination
through a ‘Digital Nomad Friendly’ label for a range of services incl. coworking spaces, coffee shops, hotels,
short-term property rentals etc. It will be supported by a (mobile friendly) website and an international campaign.
Let’s put Lux on the digital nomad map!


Objectives of the project

– boost the “Let’s make it happen” image
– promote “open, dynamic and reliable” Lux abroad
– create value for digital nomad tourists by pre-selecting services that are guaranteed to better need their needs
– dissolve boundaries between a tourist and a business traveler to encourage more medium- & long-term stays
– increase the revenues of local service providers
– promote establishments that respond to the global digitisation and lifestyle trends
– enrich the start-up and innovation scene