Project description

The GuidU’s APP will accompany you to find hotels, restaurants, public transport, tourist spots, etc… in Luxembourg, in one single App. Available in different languages and depending on the user’s initial choices, it will simplify user experience. Great features as audio guides, Virtual Tour and Augmented Reality will excite his senses. Virtual Tours enable to discover the country before arrival and to save, plan and share your trip with your travel mates. Through GPS navigation, the user will find his way and discover his points of interest. Beacon Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) will detect GuidU, which will give further information to the tourist through push notifications and through his own interaction with the App. Augmented Reality, will also be a great way indicator on public transport, building information etc…
WEB PLATFORM – Every actor in the touristic sector will have a dedicated & protected dashboard to update offers, manage push notifications, campaigns and more. He can create targeted push notifications and can modify its virtual tours, sell tickets online and why not also interact with its visitors. The GuidU platform allows the actors not only to reduce their printed promotional material but also to update contents and offers fast and easily. This cluster will increase interactivity between the country, the retailers and the citizens (locals and tourists), providing essential touristic information even before arrival to improve customer’s experience.

Objectives of the project

The GuidU APP will promote tourism in Luxembourg by exciting citizens senses even before being physically there. On the other hand, the Web Platform creates a cluster with all the retailers in one unique place.
GuidU’s project goals are the improvement of :
– Interactivity between the country, the retailers and the citizens
– Customer’s experience
– Accessibility through audio guides
– Centralising information
– Being eco-friendly by reducing printing costs
– Luxembourg’s visibility