Project description

Our project idea is based on four main premises. First, the tourism as we know it is about to change. Localhood for everyone is the new trend. Tourists are no longer perceived as visitors but as temporary residents. Second, we see a growing importance of circular economy and educating the young and old generations alike about its values. Third, after having worked in the field of tourist attractions for children in Luxembourg, we see that there is a strong need for innovation in the kids’ tourism offer. Finally, we notice that the intellectual and creative talent of children in Luxembourg is currently underexplored. To address all these challenges simultaneously, we propose the ‘Kids make it happen’ project, based on our expertise in collaborative innovation and collaborative changemaking, circular economy, tourism and culture. The main project idea is that a ‘Kids make it happen’ bus/truck will tour around the country visiting popular tourist locations (in tourist season), local communities, schools, crèches, playgrounds and other locations (off-season), using children’s talent to break through cultural barriers between locals and tourists, to develop innovative offers meeting kids own needs, in line with the values of circularity. The project will leverage local and tourist kids’ innate creativity, while exchanging with other cultures and co-creating or testing new design concepts. The topic of the ‘Kids make it happen’ will change every two years (incl. ‘Play’, ‘Share’).

Objectives of the project

Diversifying the tourist offer for kids
Creating shared value between locals and tourists
Respond to latest global tourism trends
Local and cross-border community building
Promoting circular economy in our value chain
Re-thinking of the need for property
Promoting ‘sharing economy’ models
Using tourism as means to social cohesion
Favoring long-term behaviour change by hands-on-experience, involvement, collaboration & fun
Bringing together young and adult diverse stakeholders