Project description

LuxembourgMoods is the smart and personalized way to find a hotel in Luxembourg. Tell us about your personal preferences or moods and LuxembourgMoods will help you to find the perfect hotel just in 3 steps. You can select hotels following 25 Hotel DNA tags that Travelify has created like spacious, great views, cosy, quiet, gourmet, business, stylish, luxury, romantic, design, contemporary, classic, nightlife, shopping spot, cultural spot, etc. Travelsify provides the Hotel DNA for more than 500,000 hotels worldwide and, of course, for all the hotels in Luxembourg following the guest reviews by using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Nowadays, finding the right hotel is getting more complex and longer given all the options that are offered. Travelsify has created an easy and personalized way to find which hotel best matches your personal preferences! Travelsify would like to offer LuxembourgMoods in partnership with Luxembourg Tourism Office and In a second phase, Travelsify would like to add the Restaurant DNA in LuxembourgMoods so all the people in Luxembourg will be able to use a smart and personalized way to select restaurants.

Objectives of the project

The objective of LuxembourgMoods is to leverage Artificial Intelligence in tourism and lifestyle in order to demonstrate the richness of the hotel and restaurant offers in Luxembourg for travellers but also for people living in Luxembourg.