Project description

Travel is an Immersive experience but the decision making before it is based on 2D images and videos. Today’s consumers demand better ways of being excited and inspired about the places they would like to visit. The biggest challenge for Tour Operators and Tour companies is to create that sense of excitement using VR/AR technologies that is easy to use for the consumer and have an end to end solution to ease the work done by their staff.

TeliportMe has built a common platform to upload 360 content that can be viewed both in VR and AR hence giving its customers (tour operators/ travel companies) the ability to showcase a destination in their stores or through the users smartphones in VR and AR. The platform allows for customers to create custom travel itineraries with a unique login that allows the users to experience customized experiences

Objectives of the project

Provide tour operators and tourism related companies to easily deploy VR and AR solutions from a common platform. This helps them sell tours better and target the younger audience who are looking for new experiences to create a WOW factor.