Project description

We will create an Augmented Reality Walk service for Luxembourg. With this service, visitors will be able to fully experience Luxembourg as it was throughout the selected times in it’s history. The visitor will be able to look through the camera of their mobile device and see a photo-realistic rendering of the location they’re currently visiting. Historical information will be presented through the interface on their device or by a virtual guide in form of a historical figure relevant to the location. They’ll also be able to capture the video or a photo, save or share it and use visualization filters to show information on their surrounding; nearest other points of interest, hotels, restaurants, shops and cafe’s.

Luxembourg’s convenient size, abundant historical locales and excellent connections between these individual sites make it ideal for exploration. High contrast exists between what was there through the history, and what’s there now. This makes it ideal for creating a user base, both within countries residents and incoming visitors. Factor in a broad range of visitors with highly capable mobile devices, the ‘cool factor’ of using Augmented Reality on-the-go and great data coverage with the city’s strong population growth, and we see a great opportunity here.

Objectives of the project

SeePast will enable the visitors to experience the selected locations as they once were through selected points in it’s history. While present at the site, users will be able to point their device and see on their screen a detailed, photo-realistic 3d model of the location. They will also be able to move with the camera and experience the virtual location through their device screen. Within the app, users will have access to historical information of the site, providing a learning experience.