Project description

SPOTICLE makes it easy to discover and share location recommendations with others.
Get relevant selections of interesting places from local experts and enthusiasts on your next trip.
Keep track of places you have visited, get directions and never forget them.
Let friends and family know about your latest discoveries or share your professional local recommendations with your guests and visitors.

Everything starts with a Spot. Spots are location recommendations that you can create wherever you are. Add some photos and a short description to spice them up.
Spots can be grouped into Maps. You can have Maps for everything: your last trip, your favorite places, any location that is important to you.
You can keep your Maps private and share them only with those you choose, or you can make them public for the world to see. You decide.

SPOTICLE is free to use. Just download the app. There is no need to sign-up to discover recommendations.
For those who want to do more, signing up with just an email address is easy, and if you need a professional set-up, get in touch. We will be happy to get you started.

Objectives of the project

SPOTICLE makes location recommendations easy and fun!
With SPOTICLE you can create a unique experience for friends and guests to discover your local recommendations.
Everybody is a local expert somewhere. SPOTICLE allows everyone to share their local knowledge.