Project description

Our mission is to redefine the way people travel and think about travel because we believe that sustainable tourism has vast unexplored potential to benefit humanity.

We want to empower tourists and all major stakeholders in the tourism value chain to engage in sustainable practices, by launching the world’s 1st dedicated marketplace for sustainable tourism. Such stakeholders include non-exhaustively airlines, hotels, sustainability certifiers and tour operators.

Our business model allows tourists to plan their holidays in an eco-conscious manner and get involved in reducing the carbon print and the cost of travel as much as possible. In addition, alternative compensation activities are provided (such as planting trees, providing “green” feed-back), in order to reduce the negative overall impact of any touristic activity.

Second, through digital technologies, such as blockchain, we can render sustainable practices more transparent and prevent greenwashing. Together with sustainability label certifiers, service providers and the tourist community, we aim to create a feedback based, verifiable certification.

Community engagement is key to spreading the word and scaling our concept. We intend to do this by using gamification concepts such as offering tourists sustainability awards combined with social media integration.

We believe our vision is an all-win proposition where tourists, sustainable providers, local governments and our Luxembourgish and global stakeholders c

Objectives of the project

Our ambition is to launch in Luxembourg the world’s first go-to platform for sustainable tourists and become the trusted partner for the global eco-friendly community, by reaching the following milestones:

  1. Provide the world’s 1st dedicated marketplace for sustainable tourism;
  2. Support the world’s 1st blockchain-based eco-certification for tourism;
  3. Build the world’s largest actively engaged, eco-friendly community.