Project description

The OUTDOOR Journal & Voyage is an adventure media and travel booking platform, building a highly scalable startup which promotes sustainable development and conservation through travel. Our authentic media and journalism builds a community of conscious travelers, who can review and book the adventures that they’re inspired by. Our startup’s purpose is to educate, inspire and enable all peoples to enjoy and protect wilderness.

Adventure travel is the fastest-growing sector of international tourism today. It has been described as “the greatest voluntary transfer of wealth from rich to poor countries”. However, despite modern technology, small, local guides and operators in destinations across the world are unable to compete with established, traditional travel agents or businesses in rich countries. The Outdoor Journal & Voyage seeks to promote ethical, sustainable and environmentally responsible travel to all corners of Planet Earth, by making it possible to connect every traveler to the safest and most ethical local operator anywhere in the world, with one click of a button.

Objectives of the project

Build an authentic and honest editorial media platform, to create a strong community of travelers, explorers, athletes and local operators. Enable travelers to connect with sustainable local companies and transact in complete safety and security, in the knowledge that these companies have been verified and vetted by adventure journalists and famous explorers. Create massive scale in order to promote sustainable development and wilderness conservation, through adventure travel.